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Our Equipment


Each job is unique and may require specific equipment.  We utilize a variety of Yuneec and DJI drones and choose which equipment to use on your job based on your needs.  We have  the ability to shoot 4K videos and take 20MP photographs (5472x3648), which means you get the very best quality and superb results.

Our Photographers


At Soda City Aerials, we're a team of individuals with a shared interest in seeing the world from a different perspective. As kids, I think most people dreamed of flying high in the sky and looking down at the ground. While we can't fly in drones just yet, with drone photography and video, we have the capability to capture mesmerizing photos and videos from a whole new perspective.

Why Us?


Affordable drone photography is still a fairly new game with very few players! In years past, the only way to get pictures and videos taken from a drone was to hire an expensive production team with high end equipment.  Today, we can deliver stunning results for a fraction of what it would once cost you.  Contact us today for a free estimate!


Residential Real Estate


Sell properties faster with custom packages created for your listings.

Commercial Real Estate


 Capture store fronts, parking lots, surrounding streets & businesses. Aerial footage of acreage to show potential buyers/tenants. Cardinal shots showing property and surrounding areas.

Roof Inspections


Peace of mind for homeowners or full inspections for insurance claims.

Construction / Building


Progressive shots throughout project lifecycle. Edited time-lapse video at end of project.

Tower Inspections


Videos along the length of the tower along with stills of antennas and other assets.

2018 Hightlight Reel

Compilation video showing some of our work and the possibilities with aerial photography!

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